3 Check Points before signing for Network Marketing Business

After writing on the golden benefits for those beginners who joins network marketing business, i wanted to share things to know before signing up for a network marketing business.

Well, your friend or family member have shown you a business opportunity that made you think “Owh great, im up for this, lets get started!”.

Wait, you need to go through these 3 check points first.



#1 Verify the status of the company/business


Before joining a network marketing business, please makesure if the group or company is well established and trusted ones. For direct sales organization like the one I am in, you can check whether they are registered in Direct Sales Association (DSA).

Often, without well researching on the companies approached, people get trapped in illegal schemes for example pyramid scheme based companies. Where you pay high amount of money to get started, and that money gets roll to Uplines.


#2 Choose the right Upline


Once you have checked and verified that they are the trusted ones, get registered under a good and known Upline. Choosing right Upline can be a crucial part in your network marketing business.

Many of us felt reluctant to join few network marketing business due to the attitude of the person who are trying to sponsor us. Even after joining due to some pushy Upline many leave the potential business as couldn’t cope to the targets set by the Upline.


#3 Ready for the Adventure

Starting a business can look as simple as the way how someone approaches us tells.  But in reality, it will need a lot of hard work and effort. If you are easily making money without sales, watch out for pyramid scam.

Any legal network marketing would have a product for you to sell, then you are encouraged to share the business opportunity. Thus identifying the capable downlines and making sales can be tricky.

Keep learning to excel further in this line.

Remember starting a business can be overwhelming, stay in one path, set your goal and work for it. Live a lifestyle that you wish for. Nothing worth comes easily. 😉

Have a nice day ahead! Let me know in the comment section, if you have been approached to join network marketing business and you have geared up.



Hello, Im Taneswary, a direct seller in Malaysia who loves seeing other people being successful. I put in new guides each week that i found useful for me throughout the journey of building my own business.

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