3 places to find potential prospects

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Hi All, so have you started finding your potential prospects? Or you’re looking for some guides on where to spot your potential prospects. Before starting, it is important to let you know that when finding potential prospects you need to act like a boss. Not everyone that we see is potential prospects. We need to really see the potential future leaders so they could take the task and overcome all the possible challenges.

Okay I understand about the potential prospects so where can i find them in order to filter these potentials?


1. Your circle

You would have tons of friends and relatives around you. At time you would be impressed on how quickly they could make friends with some one new. They might have extraordinary talents in technology or writing that would bring in any other potential customer/prospects. They would have the leadership traits that you wouldn’t need to worry how they could take up the task.

2. Friend’s Friends’ Friend

No limit ya! Lets say you’re selling on health products, while having a coffee chat you got to know that you best dude’s friend is in need of supplements. Listen fully as he/she might have mentioned any particular details on which kind supplement they would need. Gotcha, you see a customer there. Go find them, sell your product. Sell for 2 months then ask them if they are interested to continue buying. If yes, ask them if they would want to recommend it to another friend, still yes? You can see the prospect there already right? Present your business plan and train them! Look for other potential prospects through them don’t stop prospecting wherever you go.


3. Social Media

Here is bunch of known and unknown people who is aware of your lifestyle. Impress them, upload your picture of having a coffee on your bed. It would make the others want that type freed lifestyle. There put some of details on what you’re doing and how they can connect with you. Seeing real time evidence and connecting to your business would be less issue for them.

Finding potential prospects would be an important task for us as network marketers. Getting them successful is the key. Help lifting others life. Spreading more awareness on how free our lifestyle could be is hard at the beginning but once you gain the trust. Its an easy thing to achieve. Wish you luck successful entrepreneurz!

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