5 Great Business Ideas for Creative People Like You

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Hi everyone, I am writing again on one of my favourite topic which is “Business Ideas for Creative People”.  Hope you enjoy this article and share if you find it worth.

All of us are creative people – Should i put an exclamation mark or question mark ? Everyone is born creative. We apply our creativity in almost everything that we do.

Creative person is defined as ” a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination ” by The Free Dictionary. Do you want to know your creativity level? Take a quick test here.


Starting business as creative person

start business

Starting a business can be tiring especially if you not considering these two key things:

  • Being Organized

When we say organized here, we mean to stay updated with current occurring and future plans. We can choose to do it in written form where we can have a daily planner to note down the appointments and to do list. Besides, tools for emailing and Customer Relationship Management(CRM) tool will help you to stay updated on next conversations.

You can utilize the CRM tool to keep in touch with your clients on next products/services when their current services is nearing expiry. You may want to check this list of free CRM tools.

  • The More The Merrier

I absolutely understand that many of us would want to work alone when starting out a business. But its always merrier to work with group of people. We share experiences and lessons learnt. We have some one to have our back when things falls. Share the idea or strategy with good companions and create wonderful journey with them.

Business Ideas for Creative People

Here i have listed 5 great ideas to trigger your creativity and boost your eagerness to start a business. These ideas are very well suited for people in Malaysia and other countries as well.

T-shirt designing

T-shirt designing have been most popular business over the period. T-shirts with names and logos either bought for single person or group of people, still it makes good amount of profit. I enjoyed reading this article where the author shared the experience of creating t-shirt design business in 24 hours.

You may also want to consider to pick up some designing skills. There are some free courses available in Udemy specialized for Logo designing while would be handy for T-shirt designing.

Logo Designing

The most fundamental for many big chunks such as, graphic design, web design, branding, t-shirt design etc. There are many books inspiring on best practices for designing meaningful logo designs. It is the most common business ideas for creative people like you.

Behance and Dribble would be great source of motivations and inspirations for logo designing.

Also for logo designing you may want to pick up designing skills with Illustrator knowledge. Free courses on Lynda, specialized on Illustrator skills.

Graphic designing

Have been dream job for many people. Do you know this is one of the most famous freelancing job for many young people as well as startups? The designers craft the designs with love deep from their heart, and that is when the designs get recognized or appreciated.

Inspiration Grid offers plenty of inspirations with vast range of categories in the graphic designs which you would want to have a look.

Interested in part time studies in graphic designing course? Check out in Coursera. Also they offer many recognized universities courses online with certification upon completion.


cake business

Something different after relevant ideas up there. Baking is something loved by many people both male and females. The color, decorations, meaning, theme etc. are the WOW factors here. Cakes, cookies,brownies, and cupcakes are heaven !

Can there be any event without any of these? A big NO NO…  this is most promising business ideas for anyone. You just need plenty of recipes with ingredients and a good microwave oven. Then your EFFORT.

Go ahead, practice every week, come up with your own recipes and sell them. You can start to selling and approaching your family and friends to get opportunities.

This blog is a great inspiration for those who want to start it off right away. Make your own brand shine. We all love chocolate cakes but we only choose to go to some bakery. Why? Personal touch and experience. Grow and spread them.

Content Writing

Do you have passion for writing? Have you find a niche that you’re passionate? Start writing as it is one of the best business ideas for creative people. Trust me there could be many sources out there to confuse you or even worst could stop you from forwarding.

But all you have to do is write. Take this as three months project, set your goal on:

  • what you going to write? Example: Travelling in budget as backpacker
  • how frequently you going to write? Example: Once a week
  • why you going to write? Example: To guide people to travel within budget
  • where you going to write? Example: WordPress
  • Paid or free? Example: Self hosted or free hosted. Found this article helping people to choose the best.

The reason why i mention once a week to post new blog is considering one working full time and they have weekend to come up with an article after a thorough research on the particular topic. There you go, start writing then learn each and every curve of the writing.

There are many type of content writing which you can read here. Also, you may want consider getting your friends to be guest writer on your site for consistency in publishing new posts every week.



In conclusion, there are plenty of materials out there both motivating and demotivating you to start a your business. Never give up. This article would help you to decide if you’re still thinking to start a business even if you love your job so much. Motivate yourself to work on your passion. Always work for you dream instead of someone’s else. Stay creative while creating a lifestyle that you’re passionate on. All the best, share with me on your new adventure. I hope this “business ideas for creative people” triggered your eagerness to start working on your passion right away.

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