About Taneswary Subramaniam

Hey ! Hope youre doing great over there.

Welcome and grateful that youre here. Im going to request your 3 minutes to introduce myself, Taneswary Subramaniam.

Before that, let me share one of my favourite quote with you:


Making Money is good; Making Difference is better

but Making Money while Making difference beats all!



Myself, Taneswary Subramaniam from Malaysia, an UX designer by profession, loves writing and have a list of dreams to fulfill. I love reading and collecting details. I loved reading on earning extra income, also i believe its the greatest finding among people out there especially Malaysians. šŸ˜‰

The reason i chose direct sales as a financial backup was i am really having good experience with the products and services offered here and sharing about them gave me an opportunity to earn the income i have imagined.

Sharing the same opportunity with others and seeing them really successful gave me the satisfaction and fulfillment in this business. Of course, im trying my create a wonderful and joyful team.

Talking to fellow followers, readers and newbies gave me more insights on their expectation toward direct sales business and the team. I really appreciate all the thoughts from people as it gives me the right direction to follow as a leader.


Why specifically direct sales ?

I love spending time for my family and of course myself (reading, crafting, designing and writing). I am gratefulĀ  to receive an opportunity to work for the time freedom which i will be attaining in near future.

A big shout out to the team working for similar goal and really enjoying the path to make it happen.

The compensation rewards were extremely fun and lovely for any out going people.



Here are some words from my readers:

What a totally amazing website. Youā€™ve got something special going on here! – Buttram

I like this blog. Itā€™s useful. Information shared actually connects with what we go through on a daily basis. – Sharmila


Next Plan?

My current goal is to spread the opportunity for newbies out there who wants to start a trusted business without hassles and willing to learn to move forward.

People loves opportunity, but they choose who to join with!

I would really want to break the myth of direct sales and the distributors. Though i believe its going to take some time and need really hard work, but nothing is impossible. Positive thoughts are often welcomed and embraced.




My products?

“Hey Tanes, I am keen to know more about your products?”

I am distributing a well established brand inĀ organic based healthcare, skin care and cosmetic products.Ā I prefer to have detailed chat to make a meaningful sales than pushing a product without knowing your need.

Lets be in touch hereĀ 

Don’t hesitate to drop me a mail to know more on the opportunity and what can best fit your need.