Build Relationship with Prospects Before Selling

Building relationship with prospects before selling have been the famous quote by almost all top performing sales person. You know why? Because they nailed it in making meaningful sales, and not for the sake of selling you push a product to them.

As a newbie, i faced many struggles to make my first sale. To be honest, till now im facing difficult customers but in  overall all we need is to find the real need of the customer. If there is no need then move to the other prospect. Do not waste your and their time. Time is valuable.

So, the question that i got last week was how to build a relationship with prospects before selling. Quite straight forward,you need to have a chat with them. Let it be via in person or online, you really need to build the relationship by talking to them and know their need.


Build relationship not sale chain!

Start the conversation to know about them. Ask where they live, what they do in their free time, are they happy on that day. Learn and enjoy their personal value.



No matter how was their day, give them a small and genuine compliment. Even if they arent buying or joining you. Compliment them, we need someone to value our efforts each day. Thats where relationship comes for. Have that personal touch.

No matter what happen don’t forget to say thanks and ask their permission before promoting your products.



I was having chat with this guy for few weeks. After some time, he was comfortable to start telling his need, i discovered i didnt have any products that suits his need. In better word, he dont really have any need toward my product, so i told him “Hey im selling ABC products, but i believe you are not having any need for it therefore i dont prefer to push any of my product to you. If youre open to try ABC products let me know.” He straight away expressed that he was looking to buy the product for his dad, and wasnt aware of any distributor thus he bought DEF product but he really need product ABC as he knows the benefit.


Here, look at the pattern, when you built a relationship and trust there, the person wasnt hesitant to express his previous need even after getting a secondary solution, he still wanted to engage your service there.

Just imagine, if i have pushed my product in first place? Do you think, i would have a better and trustable relationship with my prospect?

I would say no, as he might be worried on next sales. How i can be pushy in next product sales, thus he would have stayed away from me.



Best advice i got from one amazing master : Even if you cant sell anything the whole day, never fail to smile and greet. People matters more than a sale.


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