Digitalize your Business Plan


Hey entrepreneurs out there. So this blog post is mainly to give you an idea on how you could utilize growing technology by digitalizing your conventional way of presenting business plan.

‘Go Green’ and ‘Paperless’, does these terms look familiar ? Now, look into your business bag, could you find a file of marketing plans written on papers? You having multiple house or personal meetings this week that youre preparing tons of customized writings to share?

If you find these items familiar, lets see how you can get these things on your laptop or mobile.

Business Plan Presentation

When i mention the word presentation, you could already get an idea of how you could digitalize them. Yes true, get the plans into a Powerpoint slide deck. Put some animation and transitions to support your speech. It could be a wow factor for your prospects in having digitalized way of presenting the plans, moreover it will look more professional.

There are many Powerpoint templates out there in market, grab them, chip in your branding into it and began your presentation. Do not forget your branding, its not the name of the company you are working for but the name of your own personal branding. Remember people trust you and join business caused by you but not by your company.


Most of the entrepreneurs, in general you will have two meetings which is prospecting or introduction meeting, and house or group meetings. Skipping any of these meetings is a big NO for those who are fully into the business.

One common problem in having these meetings is uncertainty that the team members will be joining. We human cant predict when we will get some important calls or task or even problems. Some example situation, youre on vacation or business trips and on that particular night you have a meeting which you cant present physically but if youre given an alternative way to join virtually wouldnt you join?

Here, I would like to share some of my experience too. So my prospecting tools were social media so i prospected few young people and mainly ladies. The prosepecting went smooth but when it comes to introduction meeting, i requested a meeting near to their place for their convenient and even with a safe approach saying you might want to bring anyone you trust as its for our safety purpose. Yet i ended up receiving ‘this sounds interesting but i dont really set an appoinment with strangers, shall we discuss further here?’. Then, i tried to imagine myself from their shoes, for safety purpose anyone may it be a guy or girl, I wouldnt want to meet any strangers with just few chat bonding. With this experience in mind, i found a new solution.

Well this method is called Webinar. It is actually an online meeting presentation sessions. You get your team members to join the call either in voice call or video call session. You just need to conduct the meetings online, where you throw in your business plan for those introduction sessions and maybe some important points for the normal team member session. Sounds easy right? Well to start off, i would recommend you to explore Google Hangouts and Skype as they have the free versions and the deal wasnt too bad. Depending on response you receive, maybe you would want to invest on paid tools depending on the needs.

The era is approaching a tremendous changes in technology. Lots of products and tools being released each and every day for business usage. There are plenty of the free tools which are capable to do most of your manual tasks. Explore more, automate your tasks, save time and your effort. Looking forward on your success.

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