First Conversation of Prospecting in Direct Selling Business

Hey so you decided to pick the Direct Selling business and i assume you have completed this checkpoint to validate if that  is the business for you. If you haven’t go through the checkpoints do it now before it is late!

To make a sale or recruitment, somehow you need to start the conversation. You know that it is going to be be people oriented business before deciding to join Direct Selling business.

First conversation is often the lead generation, so use the opportunity wisely.


3 Common Mistakes in first conversation that you need to avoid!

We all make mistakes, even i made these three mistakes, guess what i have listed the most common mistakes from other Direct Seller for you to be aware and avoid in your next approaches.


#1 Do not HARD SELL

The reason people step back of Direct Seller is they do hard selling on their first pitch. Instead, try soft selling.

Here is a quick glance on Hard Sell vs Soft Sell:

Hard Sell

  • Aggresive
  • Forceful
  • Less choice for customers

Soft Sell

  • Built relationship
  • Better response from customers
  • Customer choice


#2 Pushing your product

We are so proud of our companies products that some in us may see others as loser if they arent buying it. Thus, we start to sell without even knowing if they really need it.

Avoid this, as it is main relationship breaker.


#3 Less Talk or Over Talk

We need to know when to start transitioning the conversation into sales talk or business talk. Talking too much or less is harmful, either you give more space for the prospect to ask question or you never understood their need.

Quite tricky, yet experience speaks here.


Focus in knowing the need instead of selling your business or product.


These are the common mistakes that any Direct Seller do, and now you can try your best to avoid them.


Drive your conversation, ask questions.


People who ask questions, control the conversation.

Use simple ‘4W1H’ formula to understand the need. Maybe they might say in middle, I am working in construction site and its quite dusty making it hard to heal sinus. If you’re in healthcare business, you have a solution for it, that is the perfect time to transition your conversation into sales.


Now, lets now talk on how to start the conversation. Its common question in my team of asking how to start the conversation as they feel its awkward to start selling on first meet or chat.

As i mentioned above, focus on getting the need instead of selling.

  • First of all, start with a greetings and do include their name as part of greetings to make it more personalized for them.
  • Then ask where are they from. This is to help yourself in checking if they are nearer to you for you to meet in person or you need to arrange online session.
  • Then began to use the ‘4W1H’ formula to see if they are open to business opportunity or sales.
  • Whether you have connected them on Facebook, Instagram or any social media account, have a look on their profile prior to start a conversation.


Recently, i had my one of my connection posting a comment to know more on side income opportunity. I used that as an opportunity to reach out to her. She welcomed the business opportunity after my 3rd conversation.

So guys, if you didnt get a welcoming sign in first conversation, dont give up. People need to make up their mind, some may need to discuss with their loved ones, that is their nature. Give them some time.


My sincere advise, never ever make a sale on first few minutes of conversation until you get the main points or needs of the person standing in front of you. That was my common mistake in my earlier days.

Final thought here, have positive mindset before, during and after prospecting.

Remember, we get what we give. So give out the positive vibe and receive positive answer. 😉



Hello, Im Taneswary, a direct seller in Malaysia who loves seeing other people being successful. I put in new guides each week that i found useful for me throughout the journey of building my own business.

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me or drop your thoughts down here. Thinking to start but have no idea to initiate? Lets grab a coffee or virtually have a quick chat.



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