Prospecting through LinkedIn

Prospecting through LinkedIn

What? Are you sure ? Its places for job seeker and recruiters! Ehmm wait, do you know that it is a great platform that have been widely used ? Business people are creating more influence, writers are writing valuable inputs there, freelancers are promoting their services there etc. Do you know LinkedIn is great platform for prospecting? Let me tell you why you need to start prospecting through LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

It is defined as a place to grow your profession and business network. It is the popular platform for job seekers and recruiters. Many influencers and entrepreneurs promotes their services over there. Overall, its all the professional activities over there.

Prospecting through LinkedIn

Common question my team asked me when I wanted to generate leads through Linkedin:

  1. Its the place where professionals resides, how to offer them opportunities?
  2. Will they entertain growing entrepreneurs?
  3. I feel little when i am there, shall we not? Consider reading this article to boost your motivation level

Linkedin have been the most popular place in finding and spreading opportunities. And most important its totally free. Get started by building your profile there. There is places to put in your bio, website links, your company name, what you are doing, your progress, achievements and activities.

Prospecting through LinkedIn is said easy as you can actually find for people who are looking for opportunities, filter them accordingly, invite and approach them to see if they are open to opportunities. Please note, that do not over do it, as it could create a bad reputation. Once you know they are open to opportunities, do get their contact number and ask them if they are okay to be followed up.

Now, it is always good to setup a specific time to follow up. Rather than saying “Hey Jane, lets meetup next week and i will call you again before to set an appointment”, try this “Hey Jane, in the midst of our hectic schedule would you mind if we could meetup on Saturday 12 noon and i will call you to reconfirm on Friday around 7pm, is that okay?”. So why do you want to do this way?

The reason is you are a leader and you would want your team to be punctual and disciplined as well. Spread the quality traits from the very first day and it would continue when your team recruiting more people.

In summary, there is alot of tools in market to expand your network. Prospecting is so fun when you got to meet many new people. Eventually, it train you to be more creative and wiser in your industry. Also, have a look at my writing on common places to find prospects. Looking forward for your success.

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