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In this blogpost, i would like to share why you should be using image and infographic in marketing the blog content. Stuck in this post, but still thinking of business idea? Are you creative?

So we created the contents, next is to market them. Lets see the A to Z check points that we need to consider.


Marketing through image and infographic

Social media will be the common pick for any blogger across the globe. Image and infographic can bring in more traffic to your blog.


Thus, you need to create amazing images with less than 3 words if possible to promo the niche.

For an example, you wrote on which is the best to start blog or vlog. An image of writing on the left and image of video on the left, with heading of blog vs vlog.

Thats enough. You dont need to write two to three paragraphs of content. These image is enough to attract the right target audience.

Those who can relate will definitely visit your blog. After all, its all about target audience. To deliver your content and at same time respecting people’s time, an image will do.

So where can you post these images ? Good news is everywhere except for video based platform such as Youtube. My choices: Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest.



The best part of Pinterest is the longer your image is the more likely people would concentrate.

An attractive and uncluttered infographic can turn more loyal reader to your blog.

The truth is not everyone likes reading. Thus an infographic showing the entire content in animated way will trigger more in the audience and make them stay loyal to your blog contents.

As i mentioned above, Pinterest are the best choice to post your infographics. An appealing image with enriched content will definitely pay your effort.

Cool, so we just went through why image and infographic ah great source to attract traffic to your content.

But, how am i suppose to be creating these content? Adobe illustrator ?

Well i would say you can, if you are a designer. To those with limited knowledge of using designing tools, let me show you greatest savior Canva application. I love them most, especially their ready to post templates crafted specially for each social media.

Download the app now, or explore their web version too. You just need to register your basic information. Then start using their both paid and free elements according to your need.

One last tips here, when youre using Canva or any other tool to create your images or inforgraphic, please use relevant images so that people could connect in few second. If youre talking on recipe tips and your image content building images, it collide with their mental thinking.

Choose wisely as images play huge roles here. Another great source of rich images; Pexels. Explore these tools today, and show your audience that you respect their time by trying to deliver the message shortly and nicely.


Im so excited to listen to your thoughts. Apart from this two, you have any relevant methods to atrract more traffic? Why not share with fellow friends as yourself. Lets share the knowledge with each other.

Thank you everyone, for your supportive messages. With all your support, im writing more and more each day. 

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