Passion – 3 Ways to Discover Them

We all live once, an undeniable truth. It is said 9 out 10 people never live their passion. Half of them dont even have a passion to work for. This article reveal three ways to discover your passion.


Passion? I have heard about it, tell me more…

First of all, passion is defined as “an extreme interest in or wish for doing something, such as a hobby, activity” by Cambridge Dictionary.

Often when we ask whats your passion, people would be stunned with lots of confusion on mind. Even I didnt know what to answer when I was asked by someone close to me. Have you already conceive a passion in heart? How far will you go for it?

Talking about passion can be both motivating and overwhelming for people. Motivating ? Yes because you are telling what you love and its something you are wishing for. But why overwhelming? Yes, someone has tried their best to work for his passion but then failed, in this case how do he can be motivated to talk about it?

Okay so this is the situations for those who have discovered their dream. What if I am still lost and doesnt know my dream and passion?

Ask yourself these questions.

First, what you loved doing when you were young?

Children game

Remember having our pinky socks thinking ourself as best dancer, having those plates and cups thinking ourself as restaurant owner and having our own farm gardening sets?

Lots more to list down!

We all had few things that we loved to do all the day. Figure out and work for it. Obviously some of them are hard to achieve, for an exanple you might have dreamt to be a doctor or surgeon but due to some reasons you end up in different industry.

In this case you cant be driving back to doctor line, but you may question yourself particularly why doctor? Is it because you love taking care on people’s health, the environment or working with medicine.

Find the root value that you loved and check for different opportunities that offer you similar value.

Couldnt think of any opportunities? Share to me the value youre passionate on and lets discuss together if we could find any opportunity.


Second, if you have financial freedom, what would you be doing the whole day?

Yeayyy we would be partying right? Else some would answer similar to me “Sleeeppp”. No the question here is refering to productivity.

Reading book

Will you be drawing cartoons or reading books all the day? Else, do you want to change the world by spreading positive messages?

Or do you have dream such as “I want to own an event planning agency, branding agency, bakery or even a bookstore!”

Thats the one. You enjoy doing them from bottom of your heart. Go for them. Start your part time, spend some time and invest your effort in it. Aim to retire early with this job offering you stable financial income.

Then spend rest of your time in life working on the passion you love.


What do you love to talk about ?

I love talking on dreams, goals and personal development. I couldnt reach enough people to talk on these. And i started blogging. Each day at least someone new, will email me and i get connected to them. I love these people sharing to me their ideas and aims.

Bold girl

How about you? Do you love talking on how to take care of a pet, dieting or spirituality?

How about these; universe, science, feeding the poors, psychology, law, maths, science etc.

It could be anything. You just need to know what you love to talk about and just start to blog on it.

You dont prefer to write? Able to talk on the topic? Try out vlogging on the topic? Vlogging is basically blogging in the form of video. You could start a youtube video immediately.

Thinking that youre too shy for a video? How about podcasting? You can broadcast series of audio releases on topics you love. Become a public speaker then. Earn great amount of money the quality of content you deliver.


Hoping you will find your passion

Concluding these points, discovering your passion isnt always hard. Its inside you. Get some time alone. Have a deep breathe. Ask yourself; where would you like to see yourself in next 15 years – can be nearer.

For those who like to discuss things with family and friends, you may want to ask your circle which topic or area that you look to be very interested. You might have not realised but they might have.

Getting thoughts from others are always good. Absorb the positive ones and make the negative ones as stepping stone. If you are a creative person check out this article on business ideas for creative people.

Would be happy to talk with you on your dreams, drop a chat in the contact section, or get in touch with me via social links. Do subscribe for more blog post from me, I promise would not spam your mailbox. Have a nice day ahead.

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