Thinking to start a business but are you so much in love with your current job ?

Thinking to decide pursuing your dream

Thinking to start a business but you love your current job so much ? Before I tell you why you need to start working on your dream rather than someone’s else, lets visualize these things first.

The morning alarm snoozed ! Do you feel like going to work? Are you energetic? What are the pending works for today? For me:

I am so much in love with my profession, learning new things each and every day. I will never give up my profession.

But the love doesn’t mean I need to keep working for someone else’s dream. I want to achieve my dream to own a brand agency very soon. How about you? What is your dream?

Here is the reason to start working on your dream rather than someone’s else…

Dream your life

Working from 9 am up till i dont know some go back on time but here is me … Once i was going back at 10 everyday. I had no time to do things i loved, things that keep me passionated. Does this sounds similar to you? Then lets digest these points:

1. Start it now or 5 years from now you would regret for not working on your dream

We all dont want to cry over a past decision that we made without thinking through, right? Sit down and list what you going to earn, how and why.

2. If we didn’t work for our dream who else will ? Start working on your dream rather than someone’s else.

You want to establish you own pet shop. Cool, when ? Ehm wait, maybe after i have some time. No no, once the time is lost you never get it back, work for it now my friend.

3. Work is where you learn practically in a particular area.

Can you stay forever in your university? Wouldn’t you want to grow bigger in particular field ? Similarly, dream big to own an organization instead of keep being one in the organization.

4. Achieve freedom as much as possible so you could learn and expertise in the area you like.

Do you like to code fancy stuffs ? But stuck in an back-end logic. Nah you dont need to sit there forever. Start your side business, code and establish your brand. Do side projects for free to gain a good number of client and their confidence. Remember you need to┬ástart working on your dream rather than someone’s else.

5. If you wait to be perfect, remember people like Steve jobs and Mark would have not been there if they have waited to be perfect.

None can be perfect, beat your fear. Live with a great confidence, stay humble and most important never fear to learn and make mistakes. Many innovations started in accidents. Trust and move your first step.

In summary, there are plenty of sources that have lifted many successful entrepreneurs out there. One great book that I would recommend anyone to read if you’re in the entrepreneurial path. If you feel you have no time to start doing a business because you are full time employee, you are wrong.

Logically you can allocate few hours each day to work on something else either sharpening your skill or finding client. The main thing here is the willingness to move fast toward your dream in most efficient way. Remember,┬ástart working on your dream rather than someone’s else. Looking forward on your success.


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