3 common wrong sayings that you should be avoiding while prospecting your Family and Friends

Family and Friends

Hey Entrepreneurs out there, its reaching end of quarter one for this year. How are you doing in your business? Do drop me a mail if you would like to share your success stories or any valuable experience. So I just had a chat with my great mentor – My dad, and it turn out to be my blog’s title for today which is  ‘You shouldnt be saying this while prospecting your Family and Friends – 3 common wrong sayings that you should be avoiding .

Previously i wrote on common places to find prospects and also finding prospects through LinkedIn . Today I am not going to motivate or demotivate you in prospecting your family and friends, because obviously we would want our first level circle to enjoy the similar benefits that we get from an opportunity.

I bet all of us have experienced the common response such as “hey i have done it before and I am not giving it another try!”, “don’t waste both our time”, “let me think”, “yes sure can, but I am busy 24 hours and I don’t have much time to even sleep” etc.

If these are the things you dont want to listen from your closest ones then :

You shouldnt be saying this while prospecting your Family and Friends

It is really hard to accept the rejection especially when it comes from the loved and closest ones. As you are  sharing an opportunity with them after imagining how happy they can live by utilizing the opportunity.

The fact is everything depends on each individual perception. We cant change someone’s perception simply by saying you can earn this much, where as you need to prove them. In worst cases you need to show your bank balance.

Yes its true, good friend of mine had to convince his prospect by showing his bank balance, where he could have just gave up and went to other prospect but he didn’t as he wanted his prospect to make a better living.

Even how much we care on making their living better, there are some boundary that we should set as it would impact the relationship.

Recently I met a girl through a seminar, and i noticed she wasn’t fully concentrating on the seminar and kept responding to calls and most of the time she was away to do some of office works.

I was concerned as she was looking a bit stressed out, then i found she is working in IT field too and she had to be on call to solve one of the biggest issue that her client was facing.

On the last day she was given a chance to speak her experience in the business, and shockingly i found out that her own parents doesn’t support her business saying its waste of time.

She lied to her parents that she is in office related business visit as she wouldn’t get permission to attend the business seminar.

She was too dedicated to make her family lifestyle better even after receiving the biggest rejection in the world which was from parents.

Some may feel down when facing rejection, trust me the 15th rejection is no longer rejection but its the stepping stone. Some are lucky and bold enough to decide their stepping stone earlier.

Lets see the main content of the blog.

3 common mistakes that you shouldnt be saying while prospecting your Family and Friends


1. ” Hey please support me by joining my business”

I have seen similar messages sent by friends to their family and friends with the hope these people will join and support them.

You shouldnt be saying this while prospecting your family and friends  as it can create a negative impression in such a way that you’re not having valid secure income.

You are struggling to get someone join you, if they join wouldn’t they be thinking that they need to struggle to recruit too? Never think your circle will be joining you if it is just for the sake of supporting.

Yes, some people may join but very very less percentage of people will do the business. Joining the business and doing the business is two different story.

So what you can do is you can share your experience of using the products. How much you are saving through purchasing these products ? What are the benefits? And more.

Send relevant news and highlights with a Call to Action (CTA) by linking the pictures or brochures back to the product details page. This helps you to retail even if its not recruiting.


2. “I have earned so mucccchhhh, and you should too”

Do you know this sentence can easily get someone annoyed? Let me explain you. Seeing the economical growth, our living expenses are reaching the stars, and people are trying to balance a better living by working so hard.

Then, if someone in sudden comes into the picture and says “I am earning this much, you should too – only if you join my business”, it sounds like you never appreciate the effort he is putting but just showing your earnings to bring him into your business.

You shouldnt be saying this while prospecting your family and friends as its not directly conveying that you’re concerned on his living and needs.

Perhaps, lets try to put it this way, “Hey John, looks like you haven’t come into group chat for a long time, what you’re up to?” They would let you know that they are working long hours to meet some of their expense budgets.

Then you may want to show your concern in this way “Hey I totally understand this, but hey wait, I saw a great deal to solve ABC issue that you’re currently facing and why not we try that? And also, i have a part time income opportunity that you might want to try which would be good for your budgets, maybe later it can extend to replace your 9-6 job with decent amount of income. Would you like to discuss further, maybe during your lunch hour as I don’t want to disturb your effort in meeting your needs”.


3. “You are potential to become Millionaire in 1 month”

People are aware of quick earnings through business is not safe way to play around. They will definitely find some online articles to read on and they would totally drop your opportunity even if its really promising caused by the fear of quick earnings.

Show your progress, share your little happy things that you got through earnings from the business. Let them grow together with you.

So they wont be shocked on your achievement when they supposed to be surprised. When you let them grow together with you, they will join you shortly once you start to share you small great achievements.

You may own a house which doesn’t need to be a bungalow! The moment you share it with them, they will definitely be triggered to own the basic needs. This will make them call to join you in short period of time.



Family and friends are great choices to prospect as we get our closest and loved ones progressing together with us. But these wrong sayings can destroy all the hope and build a negative impression if its not done right.

Dont keep waiting for these group of people to join you, always remember people are everywhere. Prospect everyday and it improves your prospecting skills.

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